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Jennifer Ash


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Jennifer has worked for many years as a Psychotherapist, both within the NHS and in private practice. Having originally been a Social Worker in the Mental Health Services, she developed her understanding and skills through a subsequent training as a Core Process Psychotherapist.


Core Process Psychotherapy is a psycho-spiritual therapy that can be used for short or longer term work. Based on the understanding that at the centre or core of each of us lies the potential to be whole, happy and healthy, it draws from both Buddhist and Western psychologies. This Humanistic approach accepts that we each have our own inner wisdom that knows how to find healing in body, mind and spirit.


Jennifer's continuing development has included trainings and experience in Medical Qi Gong, Family Constellation work, Reiki, Past life and Ancestral therapy, Shamanic studies and Spiritual Emergence. This rich experience has led her to an eclectic exploration of the spiritual life and an acknowledgement of the interconnection of all things. She lives in the Blackdown Hills where she runs a small retreat centre that offers workshops as well as individual retreats. The natural world and our connection to it, is integral to her work.


We live in a society where achievement and materialism are highly valued, with the result that the needs of the individual, the human being, the person, are frequently overlooked. Traumas, both past and present, are often sidelined and not fully acknowledged. There is a tendency to see ourselves as "selfish" when all we want is time to address our own personal needs, while anxiety, depression and low self-esteem can be seen as signs of an underlying unhappiness. When old patterns of thought and behaviour no longer serve, it may be that by meeting our own needs, by taking our own space, we can start to find our healing and the hidden gifts that we have to bring to the world.


One to one Core Process Psychotherapy with Jennifer Ash at York House - a safe and confidential space for individual time, to be really listened to, to explore difficulties, or reflect on issues arising from our common humanity.