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Psychosexual Medicine


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Sexual problems are common. Up to 40% of the population experiences a problem at sometime in their lives. Problems may present in many ways such as lack of interest, pain, avoidance, loss of enjoyment or difficulties with arousal.


The Institute of Psychosexual Medicine (IPM) trains doctors to deal with these problems. The therapy involves looking at the mind and body together. The doctor and patient look at the problem together exploring the physical, social, emotional and mental aspects. The doctor uses active listening. This means listening to how the words are said, not just the words themselves. Interpretations are offered or reflected back on what has been heard, experienced and observed. The reflections are focused on the sexual difficulty.

The feelings expressed or felt in the consultation can lead to a deeper understanding of the problem. Ideas are explored and discarded or confirmed.


The first consultation lasts one hour. Subsequent consultations may last 30 to 60 minutes depending on the situation. Patients are usually seen on their own, but it some circumstances couples are seen together. The therapy is offered regardless of age, personal beliefs and sexual orientation.


Referral is usually by referral letter from a GP. Please contact York House to discuss referral if unsure.