Emma Rickards-Tilley

Bsc (Hons) LicAc BAcC Dip Paed 

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Emma Rickards-Tilley completed a four year degree course in acupuncture at the College of Intergrated Chinese Medicine, Reading specialising in the intergrated styles of both Five Element and TCM Acupuncture. 

Emma was inspired after an amazing experience with acupuncture treatment on one of her own children and went on to study in paediatric acupuncture enabling her to treat new born babies through to adolescents. This year-long course, taught by Julian Scott and Dr Stephen Gascoigne who are some of the most renowned experts in the field with years of experience, not only provided a comprehensive understanding of childhood illness and disease (from both the Western and Chinese medical perspectives) but also provided the necessary practical skills required for the specialised treatment of children. 

Emma is the mother of four and is passionate about children's health. Her aim is to help as many children as possible with this gentle, unique therapy and is devoted to teaching parents how to keep their children healthy naturally. 

"After experiencing one of my own babies having acupuncture and the astonishing recovery from serious illness, I feel driven to inform parents about what acupuncture can do for their babies and young children. The results can be amazing and often prevent children suffering with conditions that could stay with them for the rest of their lives."



Pandas Paediatric Acupuncture Clinic

£35 initial consult (30-40mins) and £25 for subsequent treatment (20-30 mins)


Treatments for adults

£60 initial consult (90 mins) and £45 thereafter (45-60mins).