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York House oils

Your observations were clear, concise, insightful, and thought provoking. Your calm, confident and sympathetic nature was a great source of comfort as was your non-judgemental ‘warm’ logic.

Thank you very much for your professionalism, your warmth, your knowledge, your attention to detail and your talents.



The combination of Karen's yoga, massage, and support sessions enables me to focus on my mind and body for some much needed TLC.  I look forward to my time at York House where I know I won't be distracted by the usual day to day trials - bliss.  By using Karen's meditation CDs and yoga plans I am able to take a little bit of the peace and tranquillity of York House home with me too.



Working with Karen has helped me to understand the connection between my mind and my body. Karen’s calm, gentle approach and her sense of humour have helped me to discover for myself how yoga and massage can improve both my physical and mental wellbeing. She has helped me focus on the need to look after myself and listen to my body rather than ignore it.



Karen is a skilled, intuitive therapist who is able to support learning to experience feeling connected to your whole self. Her mindfulness of both physical and emotional struggles for clients, her physiological understanding and her expertise in yoga practices are very powerful means of helping when people feel “stuck”.

Karen works with people to help them connect with both physical and emotional pain so they can develop a sense of mastery over what had previously been difficult. She is skilled in supporting the development of an increased range of activity and more positive beliefs about your body and self image. Her gentle style of engagement enables people to work at a pace suited to them.

I highly recommend Karen for anyone who feels in need of a “healing space”.

Dr Vanessa Snowdon- Carr