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Gill Birchall

The Alexander Technique is a holistic re-education which teaches you how you can improve the use, functioning and integration of your body and mind.


“Learning the Alexander Technique has effectively given me the tools to alter not just my body, but also my approach to daily life. I have enjoyed my one-to-one AT sessions with Gill & very much appreciate her sensitive guidance, compassionate understanding - & fun!”  (GC, London)


Gentle hands-on guidance and clear, imaginative and non-intrusive teaching helps you learn how to reduce tension and re-discover balance, without manipulation or exercises


• Relief from back pain, muscle spasms, headache

• Reduced tension, stress and fatigue

• Improved posture, digestion, flexibility and mobility

• Better balance, breathing and energy

• Management and/or acceptance of challenges and change





















Gill Birchall is a fully qualified, experienced and inspiring Alexander Technique teacher. She enjoys working with a wide range of pupils both on a one-to-one and group basis, and also offers talks and workshops for new and experienced pupils.


“A one-to-one with Gill is like passing through numerous doors which open with the right approach. Laughter, illumination & practical application all happen. Listen & learn, you'll go backwards as much as forwards, but little by little, Gill will get you there.”

(LF, Somerset)



After a successful career as a programme-maker and trainer in BBC Radio, Gill Birchall decided to concentrate on developing her long-standing interest in the Alexander Technique.  She completed a 3 year, full-time, STAT-approved teacher training course at the Centre for Alexander Technique in London in 2000.


After setting up her initial practice in London, she moved to Wiveliscombe in Somerset in 2006.  She combines teaching from home and occasional London work with courses at Dillington House, in Ilminster.  She joined York House in October, 2010.


Gill also teaches Chakra Balancing and Meditation, and has attended regular training courses to further explore the benefits of linking the Alexander Technique with Chakra energy work and Psychology.  She has made two CDs - Relaxing Chakra Meditations and Energising Chakra Meditations.




Gill Birchall - Alexander TeacherGill Birchall - Alexander Teacher

Listen to Gill talk about how the Alexander Technique might help you.

Gill Birchall CD

Gill has 2 meditation CDs available for sale.

Please contact her directly on 01984 624370 for details.