Our Practitioners

Fran Hardiman

Fran had back pain since the age of fourteen which was diagnosed as 'growing pains'. She took painkillers everyday for over 10 years until a friend took her to see an Osteopath.


The Osteopath explained that Fran had a small scoliosis (sideways bend) at waist level which was causing problems with her pelvis, and making her right leg appear 2 inches shorter than her left. After a few sessions her various aches and pains reduced in severity and she was able to stop taking a cocktail of painkillers.


Then, Fran heard about McTimoney Chiropractic and after one session was determined to learn this gentle, whole body approach to care. She applied to the McTimoney College of Chiropractic in October 1997, had an interview in mid January 1998 and enrolled on the course a week later. After four intense years in training, Fran graduated in November 2002.


She uses the McTimoney method of Chiropractic as the primary intervention. She also use cold laser and scenar pain genie devices to relieve muscle tension and speed healing of damaged tissues.


In her leisure time, Fran and her husband enjoy training and walking their four llamas, and also fostering rescue dogs until permanent homes can be found.