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Andrea Newman

Andrea Newman

Andrea is a Certified Rolfer, having trained at the European Rolfing® Association in Munich.  She has taught yoga classes, workshops and training courses around the UK since 1994 and now runs yoga teacher training courses in Minehead, Somerset.

Andrea is interested in exploring how we as individuals can develop integrity and maturity in movement.  Finding a healthy relationship with gravity and the space in which we live allows us to develop integrity and harmony in all aspects of life.

Rolfing and Yoga

Rolfing can be a catalyst for change in the same way that focused yoga study and practice can, though it is different because of the one-to-one nature of the work, the structured process and the use of directed touch.  With Rolfing as in hatha yoga we work at the level of the body, but there can also be far-reaching effects in other parts of life, because of the intimate link between body and mind.  Rolfing gives us an increased understanding of our embodied lives.



Andrea is interested in relationship - the relationship we have with our body, with the ground, with the space around us, the world we live in, with gravity, with each other.  Our society is increasingly supporting solitary lifestyles which is not the way human beings evolved to live and can lead to ill-heath, both physical and mental.  We need to support and touch each other in order to be healthy.  Andrea is involved with the Time Bank scheme in her local community, and set up the Yoga Village UK website at www.yogauk.com in 1999.  Both of these projects endeavour to bring people together.


Rolfing, also known as Structural Integration, is a process of soft tissue manipulation combined with movement education and perceptual work, that balances and realigns your body by releasing tension and strain.  

Rolfing can be helpful for those who experience pain, stiffness or chronic fatigue, or the lingering effects of accidents, illnesses, trauma, manual work or the ageing

process. It helps you find a deeper awareness of the movements of your body and can be very helpful for yoga practitioners, as well as professional dancers and sports people.  Rolfing brings a greater sense of poise and ease of movement.  

A Rolfing process usually consists of 10 sessions, each lasting 60-90 minutes, and generally spaced 1-4 weeks apart.  Under your Rolfer’s skilful eye and touch, each session is tailored to your unique structure and builds progressively on the results of the previous sessions.