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Homeopathic Medicine


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Homeopathic medicine was founded by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann in about 1800. It is based on the principle of 'like cures like'. This principle was taught in Hindu writings over three thousand years ago. Hippocrates in Ancient Greece and other famous scientists through the ages described it also.

The principle is based on the observation that substances that cause illness can also be used to cure the same illness. The homeopathic method matches the symptoms of a sick person with the description of the symptoms caused by a particular homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathic medicines are made mainly from plants and minerals and are highly diluted. They come in a number of forms such as lactose or sucrose tablets or pills, powders and liquids.

Homeopathic medicines are safe and free from dangerous side-effects. Homeopathic medicines are safe to use for babies, children and pregnant and breastfeeding women, ideally under the supervision of a homeopathic doctor.

Homeopathic doctors see patients with long term problems such as eczema, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, menopausal problems and migraine. It can be considered in most conditions where the person is unwell. Homeopathy cannot replace all other forms of treatment, but can be used as a treatment option in a wide range of conditions. It can also be used in a complementary way in other situations, for example, to support good recovery after operations.

This system of medicine is designed to treat the whole picture of the individual.

The first consultation lasts 45 to 60 minutes depending on the situation and a detailed history is taken including information about environmental influences, weather, food, emotions, family history and personal characteristics. This picture is used to prescribe a particular type and strength of homeopathic medicine. Subsequent consultations take up to 30 minutes when the progress is assessed. The medicines are reviewed and adjusted as necessary.

Homeopathic medicines do not interfere with conventional medicine and they can be used together.