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Health and Work-Based Coaching

As perceptions around Coaching have changed, the term now suggests an individual’s value to the Organisation, their worth and future potential. Individuals and Organisations who are interested and intent on managing and shaping change now recognise the value of investing in experienced professional coaches who can work with people to unlock their potential and overcome the self doubt and inner constraints that hold people back. Effective coaching helps individuals work through their dilemmas so that they can transform their learning directly into results for the Organisation. .Our professional team are experienced in the work and health arena; we bring well-being expertise and perspectives to our workshops using coaching skills, tools and techniques.


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Our Approach


There is no one right approach to coaching; there are many. Successful coaching is about being flexible and adaptable to the situation.

Our approach to Coaching is based on the principle that everyone is naturally resourceful and capable of change but there are times in our life when, for whatever reason, we need support and constructive challenge to realise our potential.


Our Experience


As experienced leaders our practice was framed by pragmatic first hand management experience gained in both the Private and Public sector, enhanced by Professional qualifications in Executive Coaching and developed by experience of coaching individuals at all levels of seniority within an organisation.

The underlying principle of our Coaching practice is awareness, helping the client see the reality of the current situation, identifying a realistic goal and then having the confidence and commitment to make the necessary change to achieve the goal.

Taking a co-active approach we work with the client in a supportive environment to help them find answers to challenging work-based situations and dilemmas which might include:

  • Achieving a satisfactory work: life balance
  • Improving challenging working relationships
  •  Having confidence in a new role
  •  Identifying the next steps in a career path
  •  Recognising what brings job satisfaction.

Improve effectiveness


Individuals and teams thrive when they understand their own and each other’s challenges and stressors within the work place. We focus on action learning, these two forces “action and learning” combine to create positive changes for the well-being of clients. Learning is critical to understand where gaps are; to create strategies, plans or techniques to have a more fulfilling and resourceful ways of working, learning and living.


Enhance self-awareness


Life is fast for everyone and the pace is accelerating, it has never been so critical to work hard and smart. We use a combination of “Wheels” with individuals and groups; they include life, management and leadership - simple tools to enable participants to understand where their pressure points are and what action needs to be taken to reduce their own and team stressors.


From a well-being perspective, individuals and groups learn about their own well-being needs and simple solutions to creating improved work relationships and flows at work.


Mindfulness is also integrated into the self-awareness workshops; we know it creates an excellent exercise to free the mind, opening participants’ self-awareness and resourcefulness.

Effective goal setting

Healthy, happy and focused goals are everyone’s intention in life, however most people are not aware of the tools and techniques needed to work with team goals and goal setting.

Our workshop aims to demystify goal setting focusing on home and work: life healthy balance. The learning is centred on goal setting in the workplace, understanding what internal and external influences affect successful goal setting. There will be a focus on saboteurs and what influences success in simple easy to understand exercises and language.

SMART goals

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Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based is punchy, however for teams to excel, they need a really smart approach to motivating self and teams.


Working hard and smart can be a challenge for members of a team, often lack of motivation, clarity and purpose can impact on healthy flows. SMART is well known as a model of goal setting, we aim to demystify and simplify the process.


We go beyond the SMART focus, working with individuals and teams to determine how they set goals, their personal effectiveness during the process. During our workshop we use relaxation and mindfulness techniques to support the learning process.