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Developing Personal Resilience

Resilience: This word resonates with everyone. In the 21st century it was defined as the ability to cope with misfortune or a traumatic event. From a well-being perspective that definition does not capture the complexity of today’s fast and busy paced life style.

Psychologists tell us resiliency grows from putting energies, values, emotional attitudes and the service of the common good, in essence something bigger than one’s self. Psychological research tells us this contributes to success at work or outside life and internal wellbeing. In today’s rapidly transforming world of work and life we need both.

Our approach to well-being and resilience for clients is centred on skilling up. Our professional team are experienced in the health arena; we bring well-being expertise and perspectives to our workshops using dynamic tools and techniques. Simple work place workshops enable individuals and teams to develop strategies to enhance their resilience and to have honest and open dialogue with each other.


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Increased effectiveness

To enhance effectiveness within the workplace individuals need to consider where their barriers or blocks are. Sometimes there are black spots which are off the radar which impacts on individual and team effectiveness.

We work with teams using a range of learning tools and dynamic exercises to create insight and awareness of blocks they may experience.

  • 360 degree feedback tool
  • Margerison McCann Team profiling
  • Dynamic workshops supporting reflection on participants own needs, understanding their  learning style  using questionnaires, discussion and team work


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More productive

Productivity has never been more critical, high quality outputs and customer care. For individuals and teams this can sometimes be a challenge, creating new awareness and motivation to stay energised and enhance outputs.

  • Well-being check using well-being questionnaire
  • Exploring blocks and action planning for enhanced productivity
  • Skilling up exercise what  is needed


Improved satisfaction

Satisfactions comes from internal and external influences within the workplace, employees need to understand their role, function and the direction of travel of their role.

We work with individuals and teams to optimise on their satisfaction using a range of insightful exercises. The work supports them in creating an action plan to enhance their work and life satisfaction and balance.

Managing resources

The most critical resource is the organisational manpower and its productivity. Healthy happy teams deliver high quality outputs.

We integrate management of resources into all workshops as part of a golden thread approach; this is incorporated into all of the tools and techniques we use during workshops.


Deepen resilience

Sustainability and strengthening resilience is a key quality indicator of the work we do as a team.

Evaluating the learning through questioning during workshops, following up with questionnaires and meetings with the management team.

Mindfulness work will be incorporated into all of the workshops we deliver; the rich learning to date clearly shows how it impacts on well-being and productivity within the workplace.

As a centre of excellence for Mindfulness we will continue to enhance resilience in all of the work we do with organisations.