The Alexander Technique


Do you ever feel weighed down by life?  Do you have a bad back, sore and stiff neck and shoulders? Do you try hard to achieve things or over-react to situations?  We can allow life to pull us down and cause us strain and tension, but it does not have to.  Stress is a fact of life; it is how we deal with it that is the thing.


The Alexander Technique can teach you to walk tall with poise, balance, and increased freedom of thought and movement. Changing the way we do things is one of the best ways of changing the way we think and feel.


Philippa Morrell has been teaching the Technique in Herefordshire since 2004 but she has recently moved to mid Devon.  Having got a degree in modern languages, she started her working life in various sales and marketing positions in London and Brussels.  In 1980 she changed direction completely and set up an organic smallholding in the Monnow valley.  She came across the Alexander Technique in the late ‘80’s when a painful neck and shoulder was the result of stressful life events.  There began a long journey that took her back to horse riding again, through a long association with Tai Chi, and eventually to becoming a Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in 2004.


Learning the Alexander Technique is a gradual process.  It is not a manipulation and you remain fully clothed during lessons. In a lesson Philippa will use a gentle touch to help you think differently about your balance and coordination.  She will encourage you to become aware of how you do things, starting with simple movements such as sitting, standing and walking.


The Alexander Technique can help you avoid pain, improve posture and performance.